5 Graduation decorations that save you money while looking great

graduation decorations that save you money

5 graduation decorations that save money and look great 

It’s almost that time of year- graduation season is among us! If you have a graduate you’d like to celebrate without breaking the bank, check out these fantastic graduation decorations you can easily make on a dime.

Streamers, ribbons, and bows

Schools generally have their own school colors, usually two that complement one another, and in local places these colors are fairly easy to find, especially this time of year. No matter what decorations you choose, jazz them up and make them more festive with ribbons, bows, streamers and more on the graduate’s school’s colors. Stream appropriately colored ribbons around the walls of the room in which you’ll be celebrating, allow some to drape from the ceiling, and place bows in the colors on the fronts of tables to make it all really pop. Ribbon and streamers can be really cheap, too, so this is a very inexpensive way to make the room look festive.

Photo collage

They are cliché, and sometimes embarrassing, but they are the perfect graduation gift for your grad. Pick out old photos that will help remember your child throughout the years as they grew from your baby to the young person before you today. Place the pictures in a scrapbook or in frames and place them on a photo table for people to enjoy. It may embarrass your graduate, but they will also secretly love all the memories.

The Year

You can put up a sweet paper banner made with simple triangles and has the year 0n it.  Hang this from your mantle, in a doorway or on a table as the decoration. You can make the year into table decorations by incorporating it in the food. Make the year out of melon, fruit, etc or veggies from the vegetable tray would be another cute way to go. Candies put into the year on the table would be so cute to do. 

Balloons galore

They are cheap and easy to blow up, but to make these the best type of decoration, you will need multiple balloons in various colors and markers. Have each guest write a message to the graduate on the balloon and place them all over the room. This will be fun for the graduate to read, but also fun for the guests to peruse as they mingle. Messages can range from memories, stories, jokes, and advice- anything that will make the party more fun and memorable.


Make it all about the food


The food itself is a decoration. You can make cupcakes with a graduation cap on them. Take M & M’s and make it into the year 2014 on the table with a bowl set out for them to grab handfuls of. Take toothpicks and add triangles with the year on the triangle papers and tuck into the appetizers. A yummy way to incorporate the year into the food and make it another decoration. 

Graduation day is about the student and their accomplishments. It’s a day to celebrate them. Make it fun and worryfree and just enjoy your day celebrating this amazing young man or woman. They’re so worth it. Don’t stress and you can throw a graduation party using 5 graduation decorations that save you money and look great.  

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35 Replies to “5 Graduation decorations that save you money while looking great”

  1. Yep, food and balloons and pinterest! When our oldest graduated I did a photo collage showing her years of growth. She really liked it and I made a video for my twin boys.

  2. Balloons are always the perfect decoration. You can put them everywhere – and of course kids and adults end up having fun with them. LOL!

  3. Great ideas! I love that the emphasis is making it all about the graduate. Which is what it should be!

  4. I always use the food as decoration! No matter what occasion it may be I always decorate the food and bake special goodies to coordinate with the theme.

  5. Food is my favorite kind of decoration. We like to use our Apple TV screen saver as a decoration, just set it to a certain picture folder and let it scroll through!

  6. I like the idea of the year on a banner – especially if it were in the pictures. It would be a very cute timestamp!

  7. We stock up on $1 balloons at the dollar tree. They would be perfect for a graduation get together!

  8. I love the photo collage idea, especially for things like graduation. What better time is there to look back!

  9. I love the photo collage idea, especially for graduations! Great to look back on school memories

  10. These are great ideas – especially the food part! Food makes a huge difference for any celebration

  11. My biggest boy is graduating preschool this year, and it’s such a special time! I love photo collages and balloons. Great ideas.

  12. You hit the nail on the head with all 5! You don’t need to spend a lot to make a splashy impact at a party. In any case, most people come for the food anyway lol.

  13. The streamers really are an easy way to add a festive touch. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune at all!

  14. These are all easy ways to decorate. And I am all about easy when it comes to stuff like that LOL

  15. Awesome ideas to save money when it comes to graduation parties! Frugal and festive 🙂 Thank you for joining in our Pin Party, you ROCK!

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