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I was given two lessons at LessonFace.com and Quality Blue Community to facilitate the writing of this review. It did not change my opinion and this is my honest opinion of this service. Thanks LessonFace for sponsoring this!
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My boys both play violin. My oldest has taken since 4th grade and that’s been about 7 years now. My second son has been taking lessons for 2 years. My daughter said she never wanted to play a musical instrument. I’m trying to talk her into it. She’s got these long beautiful fingers that would probably make beautiful music on a piano. That’s the instrument I want her to play. But this opportunity came up for us to try out Lessonface.com. I knew immediately I wanted my girl to do it. She has done it without complaint. She likes her teacher and has enjoyed her first lesson. Their teachers are the best in their field and have to be fully vetted to be able to teach online  for them. They have lessons from piano, strings, woodwinds, and even singing lessons. They’re lessons carry a 100% moneyback guarantee too.  Here’s a quick video of  mine taking her violin lesson. She’s a beginner. 

She had the nicest teacher. She’s never wanted to take lessons but she enjoyed taking them in her own home and online. She is an extremely shy child and this was a great way to get her to take music lessons. She looks forward to her next lesson coming up this week. I can’t wait for her to learn more. I’m considering seeing if I can get her to take keyboarding this way. I love the not having to drive all over town. We are already out on Tues, Wed, and Thurs for gymnastics and golf. I don’t want to try to add in another day of driving around. This eliminates that, saves gas and allows her to feel comfortable doing lessons in her home. So happy we were able to try out LessonFace.com for a review. She’s happy and mom is one happy lady! This will save you time and money and allow your child to still take lessons online. It’s a win/win! Have you ever taken music lessons, if so what instrument?

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  1. This is a great tool. I really hope that my kids love creating music as much as my husband does. I love listening to it- but I do not have the skill set to play anything:(

  2. This would be a great solution for those in rural areas that might not have access to qualified instructors. I’m sure they’re very competitively priced also!

  3. I love this idea! My kids have been asking to take piano and guitar lessons, and this is one we I know we could do it with all of them. I’m totally checking into this!

  4. What an awesome idea, especially if there isn’t a instructor near by. Plus this is very convenient.

  5. I used to take piano lessons when I was a kid. I forgot how to read music it’s been so long. It’s on my bucket list to learn it again.

  6. I took piano lessons many years ago when I was younger. I am hoping to get my daughter involved in music and playing an instrument!

  7. Kids love music lessons and it is a great way for them to learn. My son has been asking for guitar lessons

  8. I used to play the violin, flute and cello (not all at the same time) and we had lessons during school. I hope my kiddos decide to play a musical instrument.

  9. I always wished that I was musically inclined, but I just so am not haha. That’s awesome that you can do lessons from home like this! Saves so much time driving around.

  10. I took a year of guitar lessons back in middle school. I’ve forgotten it all. I also took flute lessons later in school, I’ve forgotten that too.

  11. This is very cool. I have been thinking about starting music lessons with my kids, but all the driving… Nice to be able to do it at home!

  12. This is a neat service! My daughter is learning to play violin. I decided to pull her out of weekly lessons because I didn’t feel that we were getting a good return on our investment. We are doing the Suzuki method, and her teacher is adamant about her getting everything perfect before moving on… she hasn’t even started her first song yet! I’ll check this lessonface.com service out.

  13. This is so cool! I think it would be extremely efficient, especially for those of us who may have tighter schedules. I just can’t imagine scheduling lessons (music or sports) around work, school, life.

  14. That sounds like a great way to learn. I always wish I knew how to play an instrument or at least something more about music than how to turn on a radio.

  15. That is so awesome! I’m going to have to look into this. My son is interested in drums. One thing that’s been stopping us from allowing him to do it is the fact that we are a one car family. So him being able to take lessons without having to leave home would be great.

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