How to keep kids fashionable on a budget

kids clothing on a budget

It’s a hard job we have as parents. Dressing these kids and letting them be their own person while shopping can be quite a daunting task. Here’s a great article on how to keep kids fashionable on a budget!

5 kid’s fashions you can get on a dime- and how!

Kids grow fast- which is something you probably already knew. Unfortunately, your wallet doesn’t grow as fast. How can you get those must-have fashions for your little one on a dime? With a little help, of course.

Hit Consignment Stores for Vintage
Its all about vintage these days, and what better place to find that than a consignment store? Take your child to a thrift shop and look for some older fashions, like flared jeans, button up shirts, faded band t-shirts from an older generation of music, and high-waisted bottoms. You can save a bundle by shopping at these stores and find unique items, too.


Shop Sales for Basics

Any parent will tell you- shop the sale racks! Anytime you see a sale, stop and browse. You may not find anything, but you may hit the jackpot. Often, items that are on sale are still in style, too. For example, those thin layering t-shirts that are hot to wear with leggings right not are often found on sale racks at Target and Wal-Mart, and so are the leggings! You can find them for as low as $3 each. Add in a $5 pair of leggings (that will last a while, even through a growth spurt) and you have an $8 outfit.

Garage Sales for Crafty Finds

You may not always find anything at a garage sale, but there may be that one time you do. Even if you don’t find the latest trends, you can still make your own form what you run across. Right now, anything funky is the name of the game. That old prom dress you saw at a garage sale may have looked hideous for prom dress standards of today, but what about turning it into a skirt or a cute, definitely unique vest? Making accessories form old clothes is a way to spruce up any plain outfit.

Hand Me Downs for In Fashions

If you have more than one child, chances are the older one is wearing cool, up-to-date fashions and will soon be rowing out of them. Pass them along to a younger child, saving money on what you need to buy and keeping newer clothes around. Plus, the fashions don’t turn over nearly as quickly as your child grows.

Fabric Stores for Handmade

Yes- handmade (or items that look it) are a very “in” thing right now. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have made the DIY look very fashionable, and this can save you some dough. If you are a crafty person, hit up the craft stores and buy funky patters form the sale bin to make simple dresses, skirts, shorts, and rompers. Pair them with plain t-shirts, vests made form old clothes, or vintage pieces form the thrift shops to give your child a look that is all their own and also very fashionable at the moment.

You can also repurpose items that you no longer want. My daughter is constantly looking on pinterest to make a shirt into something else. It’s fun for her to create her own style. IT’s important to let kids dress the way they want to as long as you can. Just make sure you stick to your budget and let the kids know there is a budget.

Keeping kids fashionable on a budget can work.

You just have to know where to look for the clothes. What other tips do you have to keep your kids fashionable while staying on a budget?


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