How to go green on vacation and keep your ecofriendly ways.

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How to be greener while on vacation this year

Staying green while on vacation can present quite the challenge, but it can be done.

With just a little preparation and know-how, you can have a more eco-friendly vacation that you can feel good about.

Plan ahead

Hop in any of the popular travel sites out there and do some research. They all offer advice for just about any place you want to visit, and that includes eco-tourism, lodging and activities. You can also visit sites like to get tips on how to travel in a sustainable way. These sites can all help you plan a vacation that suits your style without hindering your vacation fun.

Choose green lodging

Did you know that hotels can now obtain “green certifications”? This mean they have been certified environmentally friendly by the EPA, so before booking with any hotel as them if they have won any such awards or if they offer green options, like recycling.

Carpool or take a non-stop flight

If possible, choose a non-stop flight for travel to reduce carbon emissions. While on vacation, take public transportation, carpool, ride a bike, or walk to reduce your carbon footprint.

Support Eco-Tourism

This is really simple to do- just get active outdoors by visiting national parks and participate in activities that support protecting the earth. When outdoors, take photos and leave footprints, but nothing else. In other words, protect the environment around you by not littering or taking natural objects.

Give green

For souvenirs, buy local or buy gifts that are made with recycled or reused materials. This supports green living and local communities.

Going Green On Vacation is a good thing! 

It will make you feel better about taking your vacation and will help the environment as well. It’s a win/win.  It’s important to take care of our Earth. It’s the only one we have! 

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37 Replies to “How to go green on vacation and keep your ecofriendly ways.”

  1. These are great tips! I like to bring along my own snacks when we travel. I purchase large containers of snack foods and then scoop it into my reusable containers. This helps to reduce waste of individually wrapped goodies and save money (and who wants to drive a long way with a bag of garbage?)

  2. Love these green tips! I am always looking for ways to be more friendlier to our environment!

  3. I love the idea of going green when it comes to souvenirs for friends and family. When we lived in CO we collected leaves and made wreathes for my daughter’s grandparents!

  4. Awesome tips! Staying green is not for just being at home. It’s great when you travel too

  5. I wish I could afford to fly direct (because while that’s helping be eco-friendly, it’s also awesome to not have to have stop-overs haha)!! I do make sure to walk lots when I’m out on vacation, not only to be good to the environment but it’s really the best way to see some places 🙂

  6. Love the idea of a green vacation. That would be a great teaching opp for the kids too.

  7. I would love to take a trip that’s specifically eco-friendly. There are some wonderful options out there. I didn’t know some places were green certified though. That’s awesome.

  8. I never thought about going green while on vacation. These are a lot of great suggestions and I will have to keep these in mind next time we travel. We do try and do our best when we are home.

  9. Eco-friendly trips are super popular. My family likes to take trips to state or national parks and explore – but always being careful not to take or destroy anything during our visit. Also, when we go to hotels we try to use towels and our bedsheets for multiple days to cut down on washing & detergent.

  10. Great tips, just in time for Earth Day! I need to incorporate more Green Tips into our family trips!

  11. What a timely post for Earth Day! It is always important to consider doing things in a more eco-friendly way.

  12. These are all really great tips! I always feel so bad when we vacation because I feel we aren’t being “green” enough. I will surely remember these for our next planned vacation!

  13. I noticed a lot of the hotels are going green! That’s great since I’m sure they have lots of waste!

  14. All of these tips are really fantastic. I really like the suggestion to Give Green. I enjoy supporting local artisans whenever I can!

  15. Nice post just in time for Earth day! I’m all for carpooling, we try to do this whenever possible.

  16. I consider myself a green person, and would travel in the most earth friendly car on vacation if I could!

  17. Great tips to be used almost anywhere. I’m adjusting to being more green and this is a helpful post.

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