Where do you get your paid writing jobs? #blogging #wannabeablogger

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I get lots of people asking me where I get my paid writing gigs. There are so many places and it’s no secret. You can see some of them on my blog. There are even more then that though. If you get started blogging you can quickly find other places by looking at other blogs. Here’s the places I’ve used with success. 


  1. Izea  they send you leads and if the company wants you then they send you an offer. This is my referral link. 
  2. LinkVehicle  these people choose your blog and send you an offer. You can accept or decline based on what you want to be paid. This is my referral link.
  3. influenster you get products to review. 
  4. Mom Central paid posts, reviews, and fun. 
  5. Mommerce paid posts, reviews and more. 
  6. Business2Blogger is one I’ve used in the past. It has paid work too. 
  7. Sverve has a lot of paid posts, reviews, affiliates. 
  8. Sponsored Tweets Get paid to tweet!
  9. Clever Girls Network I don’t get a lot here but when I do it pays well. 
  10. NicheMommy Paid posts, reviews and more. 

This is just a few of the places I work with. I can’t even remember them all. Facebook groups are a great place to find out about opps too. So join all the blogger groups that will let you join. But most of all have fun blogging!  Where do you get your paid posts from? 

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