5 Ways to Keep your Computer Protected during Heartbleed use Norton By Symantec #ProtectwithNorton @coupons @nortononline #ad

5 ways to protect your computer

Are you always worried that your computer will get hacked and you will lose everything? Me too! I looked around to find ways for us to keep our computers protected and came up with some great tips. 

5 Ways to keep your computer protected during Heartbleed

When these viruses first come out it’s hard not to freak out. It makes me want to ask my kids to not get on my computer. My computer is how I feed my family so if they wipe it out I’m in trouble. Here’s some tips so that we can all rest a bit easier with this latest outbreak. 

1. Back up your computer regularly so you are always able to go back to a recent version of what you had on your computer. This is so important.  Go do a backup right now! What are you waiting for? Back it up!

2. Only go to trusted sites that your Norton by Symantec tell you are ok. If you’ve not downloaded the latest Norton product make sure you do so and make sure all your antivirus products are up to date.  If you are in need of getting the protection offered by Norton By Symantec make sure you download it and get your coupon codes first.  I found a $40 off at the coupons.com site. That’s a huge savings. 

3. Turn off your computer when you are not using it. Turning off your computer means others can not access it when it’s sitting idle. Yes, people can access your computer just because it is on. Does it happen often, probably not. But more than you think.  You can also change your passwords once every three months. Changing them ensures if anyone has gotten access that they lose it as soon as you’ve changed it. So think about changing your passwords more frequently. 

4. If a pop up occurs that you’ve never seen before do not trust it. They pop up all the time saying you’ve got a virus and need to download this or that to get it clean. This is how they get access to your computer. My suggestion if a pop up like this does occur to shut your computer down. Immediately.  Then run a virus scan and check to make sure nothing got in.

5. Check your social media settings. Make them more private than public. You don’t want people having access to your information like your birthdate, education or work activities. They can use those to make new accounts. So keep everything you can private. This is just a good practice. 

Use these 5 Ways to Keep your Computer Protected and use them now! 

When new viruses emerge it’s always great to make sure you are as protected as you can be. There’s no need to freak out if you are careful when you are online. Norton can help. What other ways do you use to ensure that your computer stays protected? Share them with me in a comment so I can add them to this post~ 


44 Replies to “5 Ways to Keep your Computer Protected during Heartbleed use Norton By Symantec #ProtectwithNorton @coupons @nortononline #ad”

  1. Yes, those pop ups you mentioned are vile! I have a new laptop with a free trial of Norton’s and I love it so much. I think I’ll go ahead and make the purchase after the trial is over!

  2. Awesome! I love Norton and the protection it offers me. I’m terrified of losing everything to one of those spammy emails.

  3. I hate pop-ups! I actually don’t allow them in my browser (except for certain sites.) All of these are great tips. I need to check one of my computers when I get home to be sure it has the latest updates!

  4. I’ve gotten better about backing up my computer! I have over 60K photos I don’t want to lose!

  5. Great tips! I just heard of this virus the other day. I am so bad about backing up my computer and I really need to do this stat!

  6. it scares me how much people can hack into of our lives on computers now!! yikes!

    1. I know I’ve heard of them turning on cameras and being able to see in your house. that freaks me out.

  7. This whole thing has been freaking me out. I must have spent at least an hour changing passwords and backing important files up yesterday. It’s crazy that people can actually get your info so easily.

  8. Thank you for these tips. That heartbleed virus is very scary and is a reminder to always change your passwords often and backup your stuff. I really hate hackers!

  9. Ooh great tips! You can never be too safe online, even when you are home innocently surfing the net! Thanks for spreading awareness too!

  10. What will those crooks and scammers think of next? It’s so disgusting that they prey on people like this

    1. especially because we want it up and running at a moments notice. Better to turn it off at night or when you are out though.

  11. Thanks for sharing – I need to remember to turn my computer off, I’m horrible about that.

  12. My FIL just took off a crap ton of viruses on my computer and he also added some viruses protection

  13. Thanks for the helpful and timely tips. I changed all my passwords yesterday – regardless if they were on the Heartbleed list or not just to be sure!

  14. These are some good tips. I need to read up more on HeartBleed. I have been traveling these last few days and don’t have the full story yet!

  15. Good tips on the social media. I’m going to sit down this weekend and figure out how to tweak a few things to be private that aren’t right now.

  16. My laptop is pretty much always on. Unless the battery died. And I haven’t changed my passwords in years 🙁

  17. Thank you for the wonderful tips! I have my own personal preference on an antivirus system, but I have family who rely on Norton’s.

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