Sinus Pain and Congestion got you down? #ad @Sudafed #SudafedReplay

This post was brought to you by SUDAFED®. All opinions are honest and my own.

Sudafed Replay

Sinus Pain and Congestion doesn’t have to get you down.

My poor dear hubby at this time of year is having so much congestion and in so much pain from it. First thing in the morning he’s up and trying to blow his nose in the bathroom. Same thing at night too. It’s horrible to be this congested and in this much pain from his sinuses. It’s a wonder how he even makes it to work every day. But he is able to right now. Thanks to SUDAFED® he manages to get his congestion under control and to get the pain taken care of. He is able to work and finish out his day. He’s a hard worker too. So for him to still be able to make it into work the way he feels right now is simply amazing. I feel sorry for him. It hits him at the same time every year and takes him down. But this year we’ve found what works to kick his congestion to the curb. You can find SUDAFED® on Facebook here Make sure you like and follow them. I would hope there would be some great coupons listed here first! 

Sinus Pain and Congestion SUDAFED® does help my hubby.

Make sure you stop by there facebook page and check out their new sweeps that is going on. Sinus sufferers can enter to win a SUDAFED REPLAY™ to help them relive their most regrettable, missed out moments. By simply describing the activity they missed or suffered through due to sinus pain and congestion on the SUDAFED REPLAY™ app on the SUDAFED® Facebook page, sinus sufferers will be entered to win a $250 gift card for such experiences as a Flight Replay, Sporting Event Replay, or Movie Replay. The sweepstakes is open through April 6, 2014. I’d spend mine on the Movie Replay what about you?

As always please contact your doctor before you try any medicines ever. They are better able to know what will work best for you! 


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