Quick and Easy Easter painting with kids

Easter painting for kids

Here’s two fun quick and easy Easter painting activities that kids can do from preschool on up.

The first one her and I did was the Easter egg. We simply cut out an egg out of copy paper. Then she decorated as she wanted too. She was having fun making patterns and painting with q-tips.  Kids love to paint with unusual objects. You can also paint with straws, marbles, fingers and even food like marshmallows. The more obscure her paint brush like item the more fun she thinks it is! 

The next quick and easy Easter painting activity we did was an Easter chick. 

easter chick painting

We had originally done this using her handprint. The thumb is the chick’s neck and face. We didn’t do a good job on the hand so she filled it in more with paint. It was so easy to do and she loved painting. Quick and easy and can be done by toddlers through elementary age. 

Do you do any quick and easy Easter painting that I can do with my daughter?

I’d love to share it if you think of something leave me a comment! Hoppy Easter!

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