What to do with that barking dog?

what to do with that barking dog

A bark collar should not be the first solution you try if you are dealing with a problematic dogs. Often behavioral problems in dogs are due to anxiety, a medical issue, or another issue that can be corrected with environmental changes, and/or a visit to your veterinarian. Also, consider praising a dog for good behavior, and encouraging that good behavior by giving both praise and treats. And sometimes the use of a simple squirt gun or spray bottle filled with water can be an excellent barking deterrent.

But in the event that your dog’s barking is excessive a nuisance to you, and possibly the neighbors, bark collars are available to decrease and sometimes altogether eliminate the barking. Learn more about bark collars for dogs, or read on:

These collars work by using a mild electric stimulation (a shock), high-pitched tones, or a spray of water or citronella to essentially discipline the dog who’s wearing the collar. With this kind of consistent discipline, a dog is much more likely to cease barking than if you were to simply yell at the dog or spray it with water yourself. Bark collars are outfitted with special sensors that can hear/and or feel the vibrations from a dog’s bark, and can respond with a warning tone, shock, or spray, and then with increasingly stronger corrections. For most dogs, it doesn’t take long for a bark collar to have the desired effect.

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