Simple tips to make a baby registry without stressing out

how to make a baby registry

Simple tips to make a baby registry without stressing out

If you’re a first time mom or a seasoned mom, expecting a baby is always stressful for a variety of reasons. If you find yourself stressing out over making a baby registry, though- Don’t! Here are five simple tips to help you make that registry today.

Pick a theme

If you know the gender, choosing a theme should be fairly easy, but if you don’t know the gender, you may not have a set theme. Choosing a theme will help you narrow down the things you want to buy and will help you stay organized. If you don’t know the gender, stick with a color scheme or a pattern.

Organize your thoughts

Organize your thoughts and write down a list of categories that you need to buy for baby. For example, you will need feeding supplies (like bottles, bottle cleaners, and extra supplies), diapering supplies, clothing, blankets, and so on. Write down each category of things and leave space under each to write down the things you need and want.

Make a list of needs

Needs are things that will make life with a new baby easier and will take care of baby. These will be diapers, blankets, bottles, clothing, carriers, cribs, and other items that you must have for a baby. Make this list first and then move on to the things you want or want for baby.

Make a list of wants

There will be things you want for baby or your life with baby, that you don’t actually need. For example, this could include diaper bags, traveling changing mats, traveling bottle warmers, wipe warmers, baby slings, and nursing covers. Place these on your list under the appropriate categories next, after your needs.

Search the stores and make your list

Now it’s time to shop! Go through your list and mark off each item before moving onto something else. This will help you stay focused and keep you on track so you aren’t flipping back and forth. If you search Target’s entire site, though, and don’t find the bottles you want, it’s ok to skip them and finish filling out your registry. Then, go to another site (like Babies ‘R’ Us) and look for the missing items. This will help you keep your registries organized and ensures you aren’t putting two of the same item on separate accounts.

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Here's some easy tips to get you registered for baby without any stress.

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