Easter Bunny Craft

Easter Bunny Craft

My daughter and I have been getting our craft on this last week. We were doing some Easter crafts and had so much fun together. First thing we did was make an Easter Bunny craft out of toilet paper tube. Here’s the directions in pictures. 

Easter Bunny Craft

Gathering our ingredients to make our Easter Bunny Craft

We simply picked a pink and white piece of construction paper. Cut it to fit the toilet paper tube. I then drew ears and she cut them out and then glued them on with the pink insets of the ears glued on as well. She added googly eyes and a marshmallow nose (and tail). I drew on the face and she put it in her room proud as she can be. I love doing crafts with her. She makes my blog fun. It wouldn’t surprise me that she blogs for herself when she’s older and does way better then me! Love my kids!

Happy Easter.

Do you have an Easter bunny craft you do with your kids?

Tell me about it and maybe I’ll try it too! 

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