Designer pet carriers are great for dogs

designer pet carriers

Women often have the habit of carrying their beloved small canine friends. Toy dog breeds are so small that they can be carried by hand or even in a purse. However, ladies don’t like to have pet hair inside their precious luxurious handbags and purses. Designer pet carriers are examples of solutions to carrying small dogs in public. 

There are special stylish purses that are available for carrying pets anywhere. A comfortable handle fits around the shoulder of the body just like a regular handbag. Leather upholstery and trims cover the exterior surface of purse style dog carriers. Of course, the interior of a dog carrying purse should be lined with soft material such as foam or vinyl. A mesh in the sides of a designer dog handbag allows for ventilation. A zipper can be used to quickly secure a small dog inside a designer carrier. Some other convenient features of designer carriers made for dogs include pocket compartments for holding essentials such as treats and grooming items.

A typical designer handbag made for dogs has a weight capacity of about 25 pounds. Such restrictions can actually accommodate an array of popular toy dog breeds including the Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Maltese and Pomeranian. It’s important to remember that pet carriers should never be hung onto hooks as with traditional handbags and purses. The carrier can easily fall down from a height and cause some serious injuries to the fragile small bodies of precious toy dog breeds.

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