3 Baby Shower Decorations that double as gifts!


3 baby shoewr decorations that double as gifts


3 Baby Shower Decorations that double as gifts. 

Decorations are often thrown away after a party, but they don’t have to be. That’s a waste of money and space, but doing decorations that double as gifts can really save you time and money, and all you spent (in time and money) won’t just end up in the trash afterward. 

Cake Toppers that use Toys as Decorations make great gifts more mom to be

Cakes that double as toys or decorations

You can make a cake and decorate it with toys or decor for the baby. For example, a nautical themed shower can have a cake topped with a toy boat and decorated with bath toy fish. A garden theme shower can have a cake topped with fake flowers that will later double as decorations for the baby’s room. If you’re doing a jungle themed shower, place stuffed animals around the cake and use those for gifts of toys later. 

Diapers are a necessity for new moms and great to put on the table as a gift! 

Diaper Centerpieces

No, you aren’t throwing diapers in the center of a table and calling it a centerpiece. What you do is roll diapers until they are in easy-to-maneuver bundles, then group them together. Tie them with ribbon that matches the shower theme colors and you can build towers out of them. It’s like building blocks, but with diapers- which is something that every parent needs! For a garden theme, stick some fake flowers in the top. For a nautical theme, top the diapers with bath toys and you will have a centerpiece that is a gift in several ways. 

Flower basket of clothes

Roll up some onesies much like the diapers and place them in a pail, flower pot, or basket. Then, place green paper around them for leaves and you have a basket of clothes that looks like a flower pot. It’s perfect for a little girl’s shower! For a boy, try filling a small, plastic wash tub full of clothing. Then, stick two craft sticks out of either side and run string to them to create a clothesline. Then, hang a pair of baby socks on the line. This makes for a basket that mom can use for storage and much needed clothes, all while serving as cute a cute decoration.

Many items that you can use as decorations and then gift to the new mom will save waste from the landfill. Do yourself and your new mom a favor and get some great items to decorate that the new mama can use. It’s a great idea to use for a baby shower! 

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