Getting Crafty Valentines Day Crafts for kids

Abby and I got crafty in the kitchen the other day. We were using what we had to make some fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids. Check a few of them out below!

valentines day crafts for kids
  One of the first things I did was I found my menu my son made for our Valentine’s Day about 13 years ago when he was 4. I let him make the menu and then he wrote it out for us. We had salad, steak, baked potato, drinks and oatmeal cookies for dessert. He even took our order. He was our little waiter and he loved every second of it. It was so sweet. Let your kids be your waiters and you and your hubby can have a special Valentine’s Day even with the kids home! 

The craft we made was the My Heart Belongs to Daddy. For this I took the paint I had at the house and my last piece of red construction paper and proceeded to paint my child’s hands. She then laid her hands down on the paper upside down making a heart with her thumbs and index finger. Let it dry. You can add a heart sticker or let her draw a heart (a glitter glue heart would be pretty). Then just let her write my heart belongs to daddy (or mommy or grandma, etc). So easy and quick. 

You can see another way to make a heart by looking at the 3rd picture and seeing her hands. That would be another easy way for kids to make a heart without having to worry if your hands are in the right place.  Do you have any quick and easy valentine’s day crafts for kids? Let me know in a comment if I use it I’ll give you the credit in a blogpost! I’ll be doing a few more posts so keep checking back and have fun doing crafts with your kids. 

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I've got sweet Valentine's Day crafts you can do on a dime to help make Valentine's Day special for the kids and spouse!

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  1. I cut out heart shapes from construction paper with my grandchildren and then we decorate them to give to their moms.

  2. cute ideas. I’ve seen the one with the hands spread because my son’s daycare did that for mother’s day last year.


  4. I love Valentines day crafts….my daughter is too old for this one, but they’re still so cute! Thanks for sharing

  5. Little girls love anything that has glitter. The heart idea with glitter is such a great idea!

  6. Thanks for the ideas. They are all very wonderful. Will share with my friends and family with little ones.

  7. I love the menu, it’s so cute. It would be a great idea for my little grandson to make for his parents.

  8. When my kids were little we made heart shaped sugar cookies and dipped half the heart in melted chocolate. They came out pretty nice and it was a festive treat for the day. Thanks for the ideas.

  9. What wonderful projects! I believe that craft time with kids is both quality time & an esteem booster!

  10. Wonderful projects! I believe that craft time with kids is both quailty time & an esteem booster!

  11. I love the idea of crafting for Valentines day! So much fun to do espcially with younger kids!

  12. I would love to make these with my kids. It would be a lot of fun for them and a great way to make a keepsake!

  13. These are some really cute ideas for the kiddos, and us adults too. I think my grandson would enjoy doing this.

  14. These are cute ideas. I’m in charge of the youth group at church and I’ve had them do a valentine fundraiser before where they served dinner to our guests. The adults loved it and the teens actually didn’t mind helping in the kitchen!

  15. I think this is a great craft, I love that it’s so easy and that you can get the kids involved.

  16. I so love the dinner idea! My kids have done breakfast in bed for me a couple times and that was sweet.

  17. It’s so much fun doing crafts with your children on Special occasions and holidays. When my Girls were young we used to draw small hearts on red and pink construction paper. We cut them out & lay them on the table off to the side. Then we took another piece on either red or pink construction paper and laid it on the table. Then we would take a paper doily & glue it in the center of the construction paper. We would wait for that to dry . The next step was to glue all the colored hearts on the doily . After they dried we would use A Crayon and write on the paper a Happy Valentines Greeting to Someone. The final step was to put glitter on some of the hearts..We had fun doing this & they turned out pretty. :0)

  18. Love all those ideas. they could even trace their hands to make a heart, kinda like the paint, but u draw instead. ty.

  19. What a sweet idea, the My Heart Belongs to Daddy handprint ~ I love these keepsake kinds of crafts to treasure forever!

  20. I am so glad to see that you had your children do this. The more art we expose our children to the more they learn to create on their own.

  21. This is the first year I have seen this print and I love this idea. So cute and meaningful. Makes me want to do it.

  22. its easy but it involves a crafty parent, sort of. either print your own or get a calender and cut out and use just the month and days but not the pictures. take a 9 x 11 size i used white, but any light color card stock or heavy weight paper will do, have your child draw a picture on the top half of the paper or all over depending on age, I also took a recent snap shot it can be of just the child,or the child and whomever you’re going to give the present to. and glue stick ? it to the paper, in a predetermined area, as to not interfere with the master piece on. next i used a hole punch on the white paper bottom half and in the same spots (top half )of the calender. with red ribbon put through the white paper(Calender back) and the Calender with Valentines day marked by your child with a hand drawn heart or sticker. and youre done. note: before you laminate have your child sign the master piece and if old enough write a message or who it is for. If you have more than one child you can use a red piece of paper and in white have them put their hand prints on it, 2 make a heart 3 make a pretty design and in each hand let them draw a heart or design) My son and I made this for his nana when he was 3 so it was brilliant scribbles and picture of the two of them, he signed it, he is almost 11 and she still has it hanging up just changes out the calender years <3
    Im sorry i wasn't expecting this so it is just by memory, which chokes me up as they grow so fast. i have also done this from him to me but the picture is on his little hands at 5 making that heart shape where the knuckles and tips of fingers touch and it is one of my favorites! The picture he drew to his mommy that year was a truck, I too still have it. so im sorry i didn't make a numbered of how too,if you pick it great, you can do that part if not and someone wants to try it, sorry i hope its not too complicated, because it's actually really easy, you need 1 piece of card stock crayons or paint , one picture and one calender, hole punch and ribbon or yarn.and one pair of round tip scissors if child does cutting.

    1. shoot im sorry after you have their drawing or painting done and the picture stuck on you MUST LAMINATE IT!! Im sorry it was in there but my pc is acting up and i noticed a couple of words that should have been backspaced into infinity, and the word laminate was gone!! If you can not laminate then you have to use a very heavy card stock. and it will be a one year only calender backing…

    2. what a cute idea! I love that he still uses that calender and just changes out the year! That’s awesome.Thanks for reading and replying!

  23. Great craft ideas… I am going to have a sleepover with my nieces, sounds like some fun going our way thanks to these ideas…

  24. My grandies and I usually try to make holiday crafts for their parents. This would be a cute and fun one they’d love.

  25. I have an artsy phartsy 10 year old that would absolutely love this!! Can’t wait to share it with her!

  26. My Grandkids would love these ideals. Thank you now we have something to try on these cold days.

  27. These are fun ideas. Unfortunately, my kids are grown and I don’t have small children at home any longer and no grand kids yet.

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