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I had a meeting on Monday with Jeff from popexpert. He is a social media manager who wants to help others learn, grow and expand their social media. We met online over the net with a webcam for 50 minutes. I learned so much from him. He taught me ways to increase my facebook fan interactions and twitter too. He talked to me about ways to increase engagement on instagram, linked in, etc. He was so nice. I had technical difficulties and lost him for over 30 minutes but he was waiting for me when I got back. That’s customer service at it’s best. He talked to me just like a friend and asked me probing questions so that he could see where we needed to go with our session. He even offered me repeat sessions at a discount. It was well worth it and I’m considering doing it some in December too.  

Want to know a bit about popexpert? 

Popexpert was created to make the process of learning incredibly fun and easy. By bringing together some of the world’s most talented experts and creating simple scheduling, payment and video meeting tools, popexpert takes away all the excuses and gives curious and passionate people the opportunity to invest in their own happiness and success. Experts you can find on popexpert are: Vegetarians, fitness experts, dieticians, social media experts, gardeners, career mentoring, holistic health coaches and so much more. You can’t go wrong with popexpert and you may just leave there knowing way more then before you had your session. So fire up your webcam and give popexpert a try now. 

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