Burgers Smokehouse Review

I was given ribs and bacon to help facilitate the writing of this review. This is my honest opinion and it did not affect my little old opinion. 

burgers smokehouse



Burgers Smokehouse Review

Burgers Smokehouse is this family owned company in Missouri that ships yummy products to your door. I was so excited to try their ribs and bacon. They sent me 2 different sets of ribs (one barbecue and one dry rubbed) and 3 different packages of bacon (peppered, regular, and maple flavored).  My family of 5 has very big appetites. I made both sets of ribs for dinner the night I received them. My favorite was the barbecue ribs. The ribs had the perfect amount of sauce on them. I don’t like my ribs too saucy and these were amazing. My husband loved the dry rubbed and my kids liked them both. My husband got up and put some of the ribs in the fridge so that he would have leftovers for lunch at work the next day. If we don’t put it away there is no leftovers. Smart man!

My family loved the burgers smokehouse products.

The next morning we made the peppered bacon and the regular bacon. I was a little worried I wouldn’t like the peppered bacon. But it’s not tons of pepper. It’s just on the edges of the bacon and not too much there. I thought both were delicious. My mouth is watering remembering how good they were. I will make the last package of bacon Thanksgiving morning for breakfast with biscuits. Burgers Smokehouse makes some very tasty prepackaged meat. It is of the highest quality. There was some fat on the bacon but it didn’t shrink up to nothing like the kind I’m used to purchasing at the store.  Overall I had a great experience with Burgers Smokehouse meats. They were tasty, good quality and best of all, my family loved everything I have made of theirs!

Here’s a picture of the dinner we had with the two different ribs. Looking at the picture makes me want those barbecue ribs again!

burgers smokehouse review


Topic: Burgers Smokehouse Review

Here’s a video on their youtube channel about how to cook ribs. I followed their directions exactly and they were finger licking, face messy good!! 


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