Recycle or upcycle those old cd’s and dvd’s


I love to write about ecofriendly ways to  live. One thing I’m passionate about is upcycling or recycling. If you can’t recycle then why not think of another use for it and upcycle it. I found some really cool ways to upcycle your old cd’s and dvd’s. With the introduction of the iPod, iPhone, Netflix and Redbox there’s not this rush to buy cd’s and dvd’s anymore. So less stuff to have on hand. This makes me such a happy mom. But what do you do with all your old ones? I found some really cute ways to upcycle them on my favorite site pinterest. Let’s look at them below! 

This one recycles them to look like a snowman. It is so cute! 

Snowman CD’s

This one you put a photo on the front and you could use it as an ornament or even coaster. 

Photo CD

Here you find the cd’s with scrapbook paper on them and then turn it into hanging words. They did christmas and you could hang it on a mantle, wall, etc. 

Words CD’s

Cute ladybug CD’s turned into coasters. 

Ladybug CD’s

Recycle them into cute photobooks.

Photobooks CD’s

Cute spinning tops

Spinning tops

When you think about recycling your old cd’s the data that is on them may concern you.  There is a simple way to get rid of the data…scratch up the cd’s. I mean be really mean to those cd’s and scratch the heck out of them so that no one can use or get to the data. Have you used cd’s or dvd’s in a different way? I’d love to hear about them in a comment. 


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