Pleygo Review: A must have for lego lovers

Pleygo gave me a 3 month subscription to help with the writing of my review. This is my honest opinion and Pleygo did not edit this review. 


Pleygo Review: A must have for lego lovers!

For two months now I’ve had the privilege of having Pleygo delivered to my home. My son Noah is a lego fiend. He gets legos and spends a day putting them together. For Christmas he got this huge set and by the next day it was all put together. He’s amazing with the legos. So when I was asked to review the Pleygo service I responded quickly, YES! Every month for the last 2 months I’ve received a new set after I have mailed the other set back.  We signed up for the $15/month service and selected the sets that we would like to recieve. After that it was fairly automated. They send out a new set once we send the set back. What I did was as soon as I received the set I took the shipping label and immediately put it on top of the other label and package so that all I had to do was put the sets inside and tape it up. Then just walk it to the mailbox. Easy peasy! 

Go crazy and enjoy your Pleygo Lego Sets for Review

If you have  a lego crazy kid like mine this could save you some serious money and allow them to put together lots of different sets each month. We loved it. Check out Pleygo! You also get the first month free!






Some things you should know about Pleygo:

Pleygo Challenge – send us your videos!

Pleygo has announced their next Pleygo Challenge contest:  

Pleygo is looking for all the engineers and builders of tomorrow to submit a video showcasing their favorite LEGO creation. The video should present your LEGO masterpiece, along with a brief description about what you enjoyed the most while building it. We always encourage creativity, so if there is a fun way of presenting your LEGO creation – Go for it! All videos must be submitted by Nov. 4.

Competitions will be held on a regular basis to encourage their membership base and casual LEGO fans to interact on their social media platforms and spread the word about Pleygo.   The first contest had over 50 contestants send in photos of their finished LEGO creations!  Announcing the second Pleygo Challege – now accepting videos!  Learn more here

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