How to make homemade cake balls. So easy and so delicious!


how to make homemade cake balls

How to make homemade cake balls, so easy and so delicious!

These cake balls are DELICIOUS! They’re really easy to make and would be a great easy dessert to put out at your Halloween Party! It puts a different spin on cake and they are so good you wont be able to put them down!


So let’s get started on how to make homemade cake balls!

Money Spent: NOTHING! I had all the ingredients on hand! But it would be pretty affordable to buy them!

Time Spent: 1 hour total
Supplies: Box of cake mix, Frosting, white chocolate candy
melts, sprinkles.
-First, following the instructions on your cake box go ahead
and bake your cake!
-Allow your cake to cool down all the way!
-Then, crumble your cake into tiny little crumbs in a bowl!
homemade cake balls
-Add enough of your frosting in order to coat all the cake crumbs and mix them together well!
-Now, I used  a melon ball scoop in order to create little balls and place them on a cookie sheet or tray of some sort with wax paper down and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes!
-When you only have a couple more minutes left to freeze your cake balls begin melting your white chocolate, melt it in 30-second
intervals until completely melted and smooth.
homemade cake balls 1
I added green food coloring to make it more scary fun for Halloween! 
-Then get your cake balls out and dip them in your white chocolate and place back on the tray! You can add sprinkles if you would
-Freeze again for another 10 minutes!
-ENJOY! You’re all done!
homemade cake balls 2

Learn how to make homemade cake balls and make it look so easy for your friends. 

See that was pretty easy right? These are a delicious treat you can make for Halloween! Did you know how to make homemade cake balls?  Did you try it? Let me know  if you did and how you liked it in a comment!



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