7 work at home job ideas that don’t involve babysitting!

ways to work at home


I’ve found 7 ways to work at home without babysitting other children.

I’ve worked at home 11 of the last 15 years and have loved all my jobs. Any job that lets me stay at home and work while being with my children is ok in my book. I compiled a list of a few of the things I’ve done and some I’ve not done! 

Here’s some fun ways to work at home.

1. Have a very clean house? Cleaning Houses pays well and you can take your little one with you if you have too. I did this for a year and met some great people. 

2. Are you a teacher? Teaching online If you have your teaching degree you can teach online for many different sources. 

3. Love to be outside? Walk your neighbors dogs. Many people who are busy working during the day would love for you to come by and walk their dogs. It saves them so much time and makes for happier pets. I love my dogs and walking them is a great way to reduce stress. 

4. Join freelancing sites that allow you to do: payroll, writing, bookkeeping, editing, etc from home. 

5. Become a medical transcriptionist. They have schools you can go to to learn the field or just try to get on the job training.

6. Love to bake? Make cakes, cupcakes etc. My friend Jennifer does this. She’s good at it and we all love to support her on the side job! 

7. Good at customer service? Many companies are now looking for people to do that job from home. Places like shopathome, 1800flowers, jetblue to name a few! 

Work at home and help your family at the same time, it’s a great thing!

Working at home provides a great outlet to make some money and still be there for your kids. Make sure you check out the work at home job board and let me know if you get that job that allows you to work at home! What other ideas do you have for working at home? Leave me a comment and share your knowledge on how to work at home.

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7 work at home ideas that don’t involve babysitting
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2 Replies to “7 work at home job ideas that don’t involve babysitting!”

  1. I would not advise anyone to train for medical transcription anymore. That job has been mostly eliminated by the electronic medical record and medical providers do their own reports. And also HIPPA confidentiality has been intensified.

    1. 10 years ago it was all the rage. I didn’t realize they’d made that change! Thanks for letting me know.

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