5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Being on a Diet


We all know what we should do to lose that weight. Why don’t we all just do it? Because it’s hard. Really hard. Here’s 5 simple ways you can lose weight without being on a diet. 

1. Increase your water intake. If you drink the 100 oz or so of water you need each and every day you will not have time to be hungry. 

2. Cut out your soft drinks. They are bad for you anyway. Just lose them and find yourself weighing less every day.

3. Stop eating processed foods. When you eat crackers, chips, cookies etc these are not what your body even needs. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables and food that comes from the ground. This will help you feel satisfied much longer. 

4. Let your protein for the day be higher than your carbs for the day. When your protein is higher then your carbs the weight will begin to shed. 

stop making excuses

5. Get up and walk. Walking at a brisk rate is just as helpful to your body as jogging. You get healthy and you are moving. When you can begin to hit those 10000 steps mark your body will thank you for that movement in time. When you move you are allowing blood to pump like it needs to. This gives you better mental focus and helps you to keep your previous memories of those you love. Move it to keep your mind and destress.  Move it to lose it! 

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