#Win A Microdry Luxury Cushioned Pet Bed Value $60 #giveaway


microdry luxury cushioned bed

 This picture cracks me up. I have 2 dogs and am currently dog sitting one more. My dogs would love a pet bed as nice as this one. They need something to keep their bodies off the cold hard floor. Make sure you check out this pet bed giveaway and enter to win one for your favorite four legged furry friend.

Woof! Woof! Fido is going to love this great bed! The Microdry Ultimate Luxury Cushioned Bed for pets will offer your dog or even your cats a warm, inviting bed to snuggle up on, enjoy and show you they truly do run the house.

I know that dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor, but it does not always look so inviting. When we are hanging out on the floor playing with our pets, after a while I have to get up because it really is not doing much for my bones and body so I can only imagine that our pets feel the same way. The ultimate luxury cushioned bed from Microdry can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and my guess is, if you have kids, that love sitting next to the dog, or several cats while they rest, the cushioned bed will be offering comfort to all of them. The cushioned bed is like a mini mattress from a bed and it really provides a great base for rest.

The value of this Ultimate Luxury Cushioned Bed for pets is $60. You can win one for your pet by entering here. Winner will receive their prize within 4-6 weeks of winning confirmation. My blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway Ends, at 11:59p on 9/24. Good Luck.

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10 Replies to “#Win A Microdry Luxury Cushioned Pet Bed Value $60 #giveaway”

  1. My dogs really do not do any tricks, Winnie will talk to you when she wants something and Elvis jumps really high

  2. My dog doesn’t do tricks, but he will call me when he wants to go outside for a walk. His pet bed is old and not thick enough, really wish to win this one before winter comes.

  3. If I throw the ball for Rocky my chiahuaua my cat Smokie Joe brings it back.His mother is too busy checkin out the new apt. She is 15 but she acts 2 now with all the windows she has.. soo cute and so glad moving is over ,,gl all who enter and Bless ya <3

  4. LOL – They give paws and then they will get up and dance in circles (well – Layla more hops – but it’s still adorable)

  5. It’s nothing fancy, but our golden retriever is adorable when she rolls over for a carrot! lol Especially when she gets on her back and shakes her legs in the air before completing the roll back to her tummy. Soooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway! She doesn’t have a dog bed and would be ever so grateful to win one!

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