Vipre gives you piece of mind for your computer.

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Vipre Downloading

I have been needing a new antivirus for my computer for a while. My old one was not cleaning up my files and cookies like I wanted it too. It seemed to really slow my computer down too. So we uninstalled that one and I then installed VIPRE Internet Security. I was happy to get to download vipre and use it and share my experience with you. It was a cinch to download and took no time. I started the download and in 10 minutes it was downloaded and my computer restarted. I started vipre then and it was ready to go. The first thing it told me was that my system was protected and scanned. Thank you! 

The Vipre software has not only an antivirus but also a firewall, spam filter and website blocking. It runs so quietly and does its scan in the background you won’t even know it’s scanning. It also has an easy software update feature and it does patchwork for programs that have small, frequent updates (like iTunes, Adobe, Windows, Java, Skype etc). Make sure you check out and download Vipre Internet Security. Stuff that you don’t even know you need it updates it and fixes it for you. How great is that? Here’s some great news! Vipre comes with free US based tech support! Woot! This antivirus is top of the line. It has so many great security features that protects your computer from viruses and malware threats and the best part is that it doesn’t slow your computer down at all. That’s the kind of program I need.  That’s the kind of program I use now. Thank you Vipre for protecting my computer!

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3 Replies to “Vipre gives you piece of mind for your computer.”

  1. I totally need this! With new web threats created every day, I just can’t afford not to use a good antivirus software. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to reinstall my operating system which is an utter nuisance.The anti-virus software I am currently using slow downs my computer A LOT!

  2. I don’t know what system we have in place, but my daughter is very tech savvy so I think we are OK.

  3. i am going to ask my nephew about possibly using this – he is the computer expert and i think i need this for my computer

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