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I was given a Maggie Bags Butterfly Bag to facilitate the writing of this review. It did not affect my opinion of this product and these are my own honest opinions. They may differ from yours. 

I was so excited to review and get to giveaway one of the bags from Maggie Bags. They are these cute bags that are made from…get this…recycled seat belts! These purses are going to be around a long time and withstand a lot of torture. As a mom of 3 kids I need my purse to withstand lots of torture! This is their latest and greatest bag. It’s called the Maggie Bag butterfly bag and I received the Tahiti Combo color. I love the two blues (kind of like the two blues on my two blogs). Isn’t it gorgeous? You can fit a lot of loot in there too. 


We recently went on vacation and this baby went with us. I was able to carry all the necessary items a family of 5 might need in a pinch. Band aids, drinks, snacks, phone, tickets and much more. My gun has a perfect little pocket that I hide it in. Yes, I am a gun toting mama. I hope to never ever pull that out and use it. But I have it in case I need it. 

I love when I can get behind a product because of the way it’s made. Being a recycled bag makes me happy. Why spend big money on other brand name bags when you can get a well made bag without harming the environment! Maggie Bags was kind enough to let us give one of their amazing bags away. So, let’s get to it. 

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  


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51 Replies to “Maggie Bags Review and #Giveaway #win 10/4 US”

  1. The butterfly bag has always been my favorite. I’ve just never been able to afford it. I love the color you got. I don’t remember seeing that one before. The brown is also nice.

  2. I’d love to have a Campus Tote! It looks big enough to hold all of my stuff in addition to everything I need for my toddler. Plus, they’re gorgeous and would go with everything. 🙂

  3. The chance to win a black or brown Butterfly would be heaven.And looks big enough to sneak my chihuahua on bus. 😉 I thank you so much for the chance and gl to all who enter <3

  4. I love tat they were made out of seat belts, they are practical, fashionable, colorful & too cute. I can never seem to find $ in my budget for a NICE bag I buy my bags on clearance, @ a certain price (mostly around or under $20.) But I love purses I mean it doesn’t matter how much weight you’ve gained or what clothes you have a good bag makes you feel pretty.

  5. I adore the butterfly bag!!! I don’t have extra funds right now so bags are out of the question but I love these!!!!!

  6. I love the LeCONTE MESSENGER!!! It’s large enough to carry my “stuff” and has the shoulder strap I can put around my neck since I was robbed and assaulted 2 years ago in my wheelchair. No one would get that bag away from me…strong and durable too…that’s why I love MAGGIE BAGS…

  7. I love the Campus Tote in Shifting Sands. I love it, but I really want it as a gift for a friend. Thnx! E

  8. I really like the butterfly bag in the Dark blue/light blue couldn’t figure out which color it was listed as

  9. i love the campus tote in black, keep it simple so i can use it with everything, i love how these bags are made, very sturdy, i need that in my life

  10. the cranberry butterfly bag. i love the color!!!


    danielle marie

  11. I want to win the Butterfly bag in the tropical combo because I love the shape and the colors. The thing I love the most about these bags is that they made with recycled materials

  12. I like the Tote of Many Colors – Classic: Open Top in Shifting Sands. I really like that color combo.

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