Green Giant Veggie Chips Review @greengiant #myblogspark #spon

I was given this product to facilitate the writing of this review. 


green giant veggie chips



When these arrived it was at snack time. So it was perfect for an after school snack. I set it up as a taste testing to see if they could pick out which snack was what. I’m weird like that. They loved it. They got them all right except my youngest got the Barbecue and the sweet potatoe chips confused. She was going on color not taste. Silly kids. They ate them up and asked for more. They seemed to enjoy trying to figure out which flavor went with which bag. Here’s a pic of my silly kids enjoying their snack. 


Here’s some information about these Green Giant’s new multi-grain chips.  

After being in the grocery store as a staple item for almost 100 years now you will find them in the snack aisle. They come in many delicious flavors:  zesty cheddar, sea salt, garden ranch and barbeque. You can find these yummy snack options at Publix and like them on their facebook page too.  Thank you Green Giant for making a mulitgrain snack moms can believe in. My children have not only eaten them for snack but they packed them in their lunchbox to eat at school as well. Truly a snack moms like me can get behind! 

I was given Green Giant multigrain snacks to help facilitate the writing of this review. It did not affect my honest opinion of this product.


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