Fitness Fridays

 Ugh I’m going to have to go back on a diet because the weight has stopped coming off. I’m working out and losing inches but I want the pounds to come off so I’m going to have to be more regimented in my diet. I got a new scale which hopefully you guys can read better. It also weighs me a bit heavier then my other scale. 




I like the easy to read dial. It has a bit of a blue cast which seems to make taking a picture and seeing the number much easier. You can get the scale here: 


It’s slip resistant and it automatically calibrates. You step on it and it gives you a good reading. No tapping and then stepping on it. I like the big dial that shows your weight. It has microban in it which means it prevents the growth of stains or odor causing bacteria. Woot! It shuts off to preserve batteries quickly. I like that it runs on 2 triple (AAA)  A batteries and it will tell me when the batteries are getting low. I’m ready for that number to go back the other direction.

I’m off on a splurge this weekend but come Monday it’s back to diet and exercise and losing weight! Let’s do this!  Who’s with me?  You can friend me on and keep each other accountable. I’m dinade over there. Look me up! Follow me on instagram  or follow my journey on my weight loss pinterest boards. 

Here’s my first post that talks about the online gym and weight loss program.What have you done this week  that you are proud of? Even your smallest accomplishments are things to be savored and shouted from the rooftops. Let’s hear them! How has your week gone? Are you accomplishing any goals? Share them with me in a comment!


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