Ever feel like you need a Tech Timeout? #spon #mombloggersclub


I do, every single day. As a blogger I’m probably over connected to all social media. Well last night I decided in honor of this weekend my family would take a tech timeout. We had a blast playing a board game called “Beat the Parents”. The kids did win. It was so fun. Even my 16 year old played and had a good time. We had some time left over after we played the board game and we took our sweet 2 dogs for a long walk. I love our neighborhood and how walk friendly it is.  Here’s a great reference for you to take a tech timeout. It’s giving you 50 ideas of things to do other then be on technology. 



Sometimes I think in this so called connected world we definitely should disconnect and simply spend time with our kids and spouses and enjoy our family. We went to a resort a few weekends back and that was such a wonderful adventure. We had no electronics that we could get on for long. We loved it. Remember that time with your family is so much more important then time spent on social media and the internet. 

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for Tech Timeout. This is my honest opinion of how the night went. 



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