Desk Makeover I need your help!

My daughter and I are redoing my brothers old desk. This was in his room at home growing up and is a solid piece of furniture. I’m so happy to be redoing it with my daughter. She wants this desk redone so bad. My question to you is what color should we paint it? She has a bright pink room and I’d like the desk to reflect a quality piece of furniture elegantly painted. I was thinking cream and then distress it a bit. Or should I glaze and crackle? Ugh, decisions, decisions.  Here’s some pics of the desk and my girl helping sand the paint off it. repainting a desk


What do you think? Any color ideas? 


repainting an old desk


Remember bright pink room with white accents. What to do? Leave a comment telling me how you’d redo this piece for her room! 

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