Low cost decorating ideas from the dollar store.

dollar store decorating

I spent $3 at the dollar store and got some really cute decor for fall and Halloween.

Here’s the many ways you can use the 3 items I bought.  For reference I bought 2 pumpkins (one classic orange and one cool burnt red) and a leaf strand.

 Here’s my low cost dollar store decorating ideas. 

First one I did was my outside table. 

low cost dollar store decorating for halloweenI love my moose and candle surrounded by the leaves and pumpkins.


Then I decorated my curtains using the leaf strand as tiebacks. 

curtain tie back decor


Next my kitchen table. 


table decor


Next I did my mantle in my living room. 

mantle decor


And last but not least on my stairs.

stair decor


I love decorating on the cheap. And $3 is about all I can spend on Fall decorating! How have you decorated this year? Leave me a comment and let me know your low cost decorating ideas

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  1. Donna Hup says:

    I love these!! You can’t tell at all that they come from the dollar store! I’m going to check mine out! Thanks 🙂

  2. A Spectacled Owl (@_aspectacledowl) says:

    Great ideas! I love decorating & especially if the items I buy are inexpensive!

  3. Who would have thought that $3.00 would go so far and look so good!

  4. april aakre says:

    I love your decorations. Last year I made a leaf wreath out of items from the dollar store. You can get some cute stuff there