When you think your heart can’t get any fuller…

high schooler getting a job

It can and it does. God stretches us and uses us (and other people) to his good. I’m in awe. My son got a referee job for soccer. I was so excited. I had to pay for him to take a class and he has done everything to make that happen. He went to orientation last night and is ready to go for games on Monday. I’m a mom and I’m not loving that he has to drive 20 minutes away to ref. We found out just now that he can work for a local Christian owned company that puts family first. I’m beyond excited.

He is a hard worker and a polite well mannered child. He will do well no matter what. But I’m so beyond excited at God’s work in providing not only for us but for him too. He needs to make gas money and insurance too. This job would be the perfect hours. About 12 or so a week within 5 miles of our house! Set hours that do not go on past 6:30 and Saturdays so his schoolwork can still be his priority! His class load this year is scaring me. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to him. I’m just thankful for God’s provision for two possible jobs when we weren’t sure he’d be able to get one! 

I’ll let you know if it all falls into place and which job he decides to go with! I am so hopeful that he wastes my money ref’ing and goes for the steady income. Soccer would not be steady. He’d have income for 2 months and then no income until the spring. Either way we are thankful that in this economy he can come up with one job! 

Did you read my post where I freaked out and thought he shouldn’t get a job? Yes, we know this year is going to be hard but he can do it and work too! What do you think will your children work while in school? 

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  1. My oldest worked all through school and kept good grades, but my youngest was not able to work and go to school and keep up good grades so we told him his grades came first.

    1. I think it definitely depends on the kids. I agree that school work definitely needs to be the first priority Teressa! 🙂

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