Today is the first day of school…

my 3 babies

I sent them all off with a lump in my throat. I prayed for them and their teachers. I, like all parents, only want what is best for my children. It doesn’t matter whether you homeschool, public school or send your children to private school. What binds us all together is that we are all parents.  Whether that lump went away quickly and you danced the rest of the way home or your pondered them and their day all day long, at the end of the day we are all just parents trying to do what works for our children. Let’s take this school year and realize no one way is perfect. They all have their own special challenges. But we all have the common goal of loving our children the best way we can. 

For me, I danced just a bit. My children are tired of being home all day. They are excited to see all their friends and get back into a routine. I’m excited to be able to dive into webmaster tools, SEO and other skills I was working on this summer and probably got interrupted at a critical point at least 3 times. I’m loving where my children are at in this life and excited to see what the year brings. My oldest just got his driver’s license. It pains me that he now wants to leave all the time. I know it’s time and I have to let him go but man. Can’t they stay little for a bit longer? Enjoy where you are at on this journey in parenting and life. It’s the path to where you’re going!

When do your kids start school? Do you send them off to school or homeschool them? Tell me in a comment I want to know about you!

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