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red bubble tee shirt review


Red Bubble Shirt Review and Giveaway


First of all let me just say that this shirt is so awesome. I love the material and the sayings that are on it. It makes me happy and I’m constantly washing it so I can wear it again. There, now you know how sad I really am.  It’s soft, wearable and fits me great. It didn’t come with that horrible new shirt smell that you sometimes get. It smelled like cotton and that’s it. Wonderful! 

keep calm run zombies are coming shirt review from red bubble


The one down side to this shirt is that it’s hard to read the Keep Calm and Carry On. But the upside is that you can read the Run! Zombies are coming!!! Heehee. This shirt just makes me happy.  You can visit Red Bubble and get great shirts for teens and tweens. You won’t be disappointed in their selection. The shirt came with instructions that you have to read. One of the rules of taking care of the shirt was no slapping pandas. That made me laugh out loud! Just enter the giveaway tools below and enter to win one of your own! Good luck! 


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  1. Oh goodness there are so many! I love the zombie one you have and all the heisenburg shirts! I’m sure I’d have to let my boyfriend pick if I won. I can’t show him now, cause if I don’t win, I’ll have to buy it! lol

    1. lol My dh and kids thought they should have gotten the shirt. I was like uh, no all mine! Mine!!! 🙂 LOL I put myself last all the time I put myself first for one of their shirts. 🙂

  2. I actually really like the zombies shirt that you’re wearing. I also like their Breaking Bad shirts especially Mad Stacks Yo. Too funny.

  3. Oh my goodness, I need the Minions have the Phonebox t-shirt!! I LOVE Doctor Who and Despicable Me is by far my favorite kids movie! T-shirt heaven!!

  4. If I win, I would like the DISNEY LESSONS LEARNED (WHITE) t-shirt in the color black and in size 2XL.

  5. my husband and son are counting the day for the zomibes to return to tv. so I would pick Flatbush Zombies

  6. I had never heard of this company, but they have some of the coolest T shirts I have ever seen.

  7. They have tons i cant choose only 1 but if i were to choose 1 it would be the California
    by kush-tee

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