Inexpensive fun in Nashville TN Rewind

Well, school’s about to begin. I’m not ready. We are trying to get some fun in before they trudge back into their trusty old school building.

Last week we went to Antique Archaeology (you know, the American Pickers show on A&E). It’s in this huge building so we had great hopes of looking at items from way back when. I looked at some items I saw in the show even. However, the store itself is very small. They don’t have as much as you’d think. They do not charge admission and based on their traffic I’d say they are doing really well. But man I wanted to see more stuff! I wonder if they’ll outgrow the space and have to move? One can hope!

We left there and went to the Frist Museum of Visual Arts. They always have cool exhibits there. This past week they had folk art and a quilt art display. One really amazing thing about the Frist is that you pay for the adults only. Children under 18 are free! We packed a lunch and headed out for a great day. Here’s some of our Art we made there!

The kids loved the participation in the making of their art. We were able to work in many art genres. We did printing, painting, collage and even made a short animated film. This is one of those things that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. We had a great time and I’m so glad we went.

Then we headed to a great local park called Dragon Park. The kids had a blast. We ate a nice lunch on a picnic table under a tree in the park. The great thing is this trip cost us next to nothing. It’s $10 to get into the Frist per adult and $4 parking and we used probably a gallon of gas. Thank you God for a great educational day for the kids and I.

What fun and inexpensive things are you able to do in your city?

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  1. I’ve never been to Nashville but I hear is a beautiful area with very friendly people — like you!

    1. We are super friendly in the south! That is so true cami. We are always looking for inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained in summer!

  2. i have never been to Nashville but i want to go and with kids you have to find soemthing that will entertain them and that is easy on the wallet

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