Fitness Fridays weighing in

So, this past week as the kids have gone back to school my friend and I have gotten back into the routine of going to the gym. I’m surprised to say that I did lose weight. I saw a report that said those who work out eat more and don’t lose weight. So me losing even a little bit makes me smile this week. Here’s my picture! fitness fridays weighing inI was stoked to have lost .6 lbs. I’m not real concerned with the number as long as it’s going down and not up! Here’s my link to last weeks post so you can see where I was then and now. This week I walked probably 6 miles and did a water cardio class. I also ate out terribly as it’s been so busy here I couldn’t get it together to cook. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m losing weight. Yes, I’m eating less but is there something that I cut out. And yes there is. I stopped drinking coffee with my creamer in it and I cut all alcohol out. I don’t normally drink a lot of alcohol but I might have 3 drinks a week. Now none. I don’t want to waste calories on it! I have not yet cut out my dr. pepper habit. But I did cut it down to 2 cans of dr. pepper a day. I know I could lose more weight if I cut it out entirely but I’m not ready yet. I want to lose weight realistically. And cutting out all my dr. pepper is not realistic. I’ve tried for 30 years to stop drinking soda and I’ve not given it up yet. Maybe next time I will win but when I’m trying to lose weight I’m not going to do anything drastic. 

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks and lost 6.3 lbs. Here’s my first post that talks about the online gym and weight loss I’m going to, doing and loving! What have you done this week  that you are proud of? Even your smallest accomplishments are things to be savored and shouted from the rooftops. Let’s hear them! How has your week gone? Are you accomplishing any goals? Share them with me in a comment! Make sure you follow my weight loss journey board on pinterest…oh and me too! 

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  1. I love Dr. Pepper too and like you, I had a hard time giving it and Cinnabon up. What I do is that I just track my calories using Lose It. Whenever I have some calories to spare, I grab these foods.

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