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I love this time of year. The kids get ready to go back to school and I get ready to get some work done and have some me time! It’s a win/win. What I love most is that as a blogger I can show you some great ways to purchase school supplies cheaply and get them donated to a child in need. 

So, Campus Book Rentals gave me $25 to go out and buy school supplies and a back pack for a student in need. If you are thinking I don’t know a student in need, that’s ok. For you to donate you don’t have to know a child. I purchase and do 2 backpacks every year and I donate them to the school. Most guidance counselors know who it is that needs the backpacks and the school supplies and will make sure that they get to the child who needs it most.  

Then I begin to look for the sales. I find most of my supplies from Staples where I get .01 items and then a rebate. Walgreens where they put their backpacks on sale from 2.99 to 3.99. Walmart is where I get all the crayons and glue from their .25 crayons and .99 glue and markers. Here’s a breakdown of what all I spent. 

Walgreens 3.99 per backpack I bought two. Total 8.76 with tax.

Walmart Crayons x2 .50, colored pencils, glue, scissors, markers 4.24 with tax

Staples Trip 1 copy paper, mechanical pencils (.25×2), filler paper (.o1x 5) Total 8.24 oop (out of pocket) with a rebate of 5.99 back

Staples trip 2  pentel pens, copy paper, filler paper, mechanical pencils 10.83 oop with a rebate of 9.28

Staples trip 3 folders, spiral notebooks, pens 7.89 oop with a rebate of 4.99 back. 

Total spent 39.96 and rebates back total 20.26 so my total out of pocket was only 19.70!! And two children in need got school supplies! That’s a great deal! If you shop the sales and do the rebates you too can get supplies for a child in need for very little out of pocket! Let’s go out there and spread the love and donate school supplies. 


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 I’d just like to thank Campus Book Rentals for being our sponsor and making sure that needy children get the supplies that they need to have a successful year at school! 

About our Sponsor

campus book rentals

Campus Book Rentals is a company that offers students up to 90% off their textbooks! It not only allows students to save money, it helps students make money by providing services for students to rent out their textbooks to other students. Campus Book Rentals has been around since 2007, and continues to help students live a more affordable life. Campus Book Rentals is proud to sponsor such an amazing pay it forward event!  I love Campus Book Rentals and know that when my son goes to college it will be my first stop for textbooks!

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