Bookboard App Review: a library for your children

bookboard library

As a former teacher I have to admit that I love everything about this app. It’s like a library on your iPad. My girl sat and read one of the books I loaded on the iPad Bookboard app for her. She read it all in about 26 minutes and asked for more books. She does like to read but she’s pretty picky about what she wants to read.  When I downloaded the free trial it let me unlock 4 books after I went through the step by step guide. Such cute books too!  One was even the Berenstain bears!  Screenshot below of the book I thought Abby would want to read.  She ended up reading another one. 

book berenstain bears


Here’s a quick video of Abby reading the book she picked out of the library. The book is called Polka Dot Fixes Kindergarten. 

In this app you can observe and watch her progress in reading. It will tell you how many  pages  your child has read. The more they read the more books they unlock. This is for ages up to 12 and you can unlock up to 400 books. Here’s a quick video about Bookboard. Make sure you sign your family up! You will not regret it!

Bookboard is a great app that will save moms time and money. It costs $4.99/month but a book costs more then that as your kids read books they unlock more books. It’s a win/win for moms and kids. 

bookboard parents page


I love the parents page feature. It shows me that she read 1 book. It took her 26 minutes (the same amount of time as a cartoon) and that she read 50 pages and I saved $70 which was the price of the 5 books we unlocked. That is an awesome tool. I’m definitely  going to add this as a must add tool for parents! It’d be great for homeschoolers as well as children who go off to school. What do you think about books on the iPad? Tell me in comments. I love that it saves paper!

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