What are you doing to get fit?

cow exercising


I’m trying to make sure I exercise at least 3 days per week right now. I have been doing an hour each day. My goal is to increase it by one more hour and do 30 minutes on the 2 days I do not go to the gym. My exercise bike and my elliptical or treadmill can all three stand to be dusted and used. My goal today is 30 minutes of either using my equipment or doing a 30 minute on demand fitness video.

 I know I’m overweight but I always think I am ok until I see myself on video. I imagine myself looking like a skinny size 8 and in reality I look more like a cow on a trampoline! lol I added a fitness accountability partner and she was asking me if I was ever sore after working out with her. My response was no. I’m not ever sore. I must be sorta fit right? No, just not working out hard enough. Ever since she asked I work out really hard and then am a touch sore the next day. If you’re not working out until you are sore are you working out hard enough? Just a thought! What are you doing to try and increase your fitness? Have you found anything in particular that works for you and keeps you working out even when you don’t want too?


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