Monsters U review

Monsters U review
Monsters U review

I was given tickets to Monsters U so that I could write my review. 

When they contact you and say they have seats for you at the screening of Monsters U… you go! And go we did. My 3 kids and I were so excited to be able to attend. From my 16 year old, 10 year old and even my 7 year old was excited and ready to go on movie night. They only asked about 20 times that day if it was time to go.  Here’s a little preview to get you pumped about it! 


The Monsters University movie is rated G and runs about 103 minutes long including the pre-movie video clip called the Blue Umbrella. I always look forward to their little movie (remember the old man playing chess in the beginning of Toy Story) before the movie.  My two little kids loved Monsters U.  It was kind of cute seeing my daughter try to figure out why this movie took place before the other one. She kept saying, why didn’t they make this one first.  They loved it and were happy with the returning characters and learning how they all met. Randall was in this one as Mike’s roommate. Too cute.  We get to see them all the way back to elementary years. 

As for my oldest and myself, I think we loved Monsters Inc so much that there was no way for it to live up to our own hype. It was a good movie and we both enjoyed it. There’s nothing I can think of that they could have done to make it better. We just love the original so, so much.  So it opens tonight Friday June 21, 2013. Go see it and let me know what you think! I think you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. 

Thank you to Monsters U for giving me tickets to see the movie and write the review.

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