Feeling blessed even when stressed. #livinginyourmeans #budgetvacations #howdoyoumakeyourbudgetstretch

Just Me being silly on our vacation!
Just Me being silly on our vacation!

I just got my bill for my surgery…$19885. I have a high deductible so that means I owe $5g to the hospital/dr/etc. Another bill added to the big ole pile. The bill is stress. But we just got home from vacation and I’m feeling blessed not stressed. You see the only reason we get to go on vacation every year is because of my mom. She was a single mom the entire time I was growing up. She worked full time and then slowly began buying rental property on the side. So she worked a full time and then a part time job.

She worked hard and finally was able to semi-retire this year. I have taken over running the day to day business and she’s still involved as I try to make decisions for her homes. As she was beginning to think of retiring she bought a house in Florida. She goes down some and we are so fortunate to be able to go down a few weeks a year as well. When you are a family of 5 living on $50000 a year you have to become quite resourceful. But it is what it is. We love going to the beach and we have so much good quality family time there. There’s no cable and no internet and we don’t miss it a bit. We take the time to focus just on family. It’s truly lovely.

We laughed a few years back when we went on vacation and  left our dog with a family friend. Our dog proceeded to get so sick and anxious he ended up on iv fluids in the hospital. He can’t stand being with any one other then us. So because of her house we now take both our dogs with us whenever we go on vacation. They love the house and the change of scenery. It makes me feel so thankful that we can just pack up and take our dogs with us wherever we go. So thankful my mom worked so hard so that she can now retire and travel.

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We went to several yard sales while we were on vacation. I had been wanting a new phone cover for my phone but refused to spend the money on it. I found one at the yard sale for $1. Brand new and purple! I love it when God provides when you just wait on him! I also got my dogs some sweaters for .50 a piece that are too cute. My girl got some clothes and my kids got 2 new books. Interesting fact, 70% of the worlds population uses preowned clothes and doesn’t buy new. That’s an interesting statistic don’t you think? Every penny counts when you’re on a budget. How do you make your budget stretch?


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  1. I too get stressed out over uncontrollable bills, but try to focus on the positives in life instead. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy your vacation!

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