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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”



As a mom making sure you are feeding your kids well is one of my top priorities. To me that starts with having clean dishes. Because we are a family of 5 I went  through a time period where I had white build up all over my dishes.  Turns out my town has very hard water and that was causing the white build up. I was using another product in addition to my regular detergent. Turns out with the Cascade platinum I no longer need that extra product. This excites me so much! One less thing to buy and I’ll still have clean dishes. I was also one of those that rinsed my dishes or soaked them before I ran the dishwasher. I feel like I’m abusing the Earth because I’m using too much water. I no longer have to do that either. Woot! 


As a blogger and a mom making sure my plates are clean is a priority for me. I’m constantly trying out new recipes and taking pictures of my food I create. I have to make sure that my dishes stay clean and I’m happy to say that Cascade Platinum does that for me.  It makes my job easier as a mom and a blogger. Thank you Cascade Platinum.

Here’s some ways you can connect with Cascade. 

Cascade website
Cascade Facebook page
• #MyPlatinum Instagram contest

Make sure you enter their Instagram contest. See above link. You could win a dishwasher and one grand prize winner will receive a new kitchen! I could use a new kitchen! 

Check out why Gail Simmons (Top Chef judge and Food and Wine Magazine editor) is partnering with Cascade and tells us why presentation is just as important as preparing the food.  





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