Woolzies Review and Giveaway 6/7 US

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Woolzies dryer balls and can honestly say that they are awesome. You can read my review in the links below. They cut my drying time. They also cut the chemicals in my house and made me a much happier mama!
I think it is safe to say almost everyone wears clothes. Most people in the world rely upon the modern convenience of using a washer and dryer to keep their clothes clean, in good condition and smelling lovely. Without giving
it much, if any, thought, most people add fabric softener to the laundry to be washed, and many toss a dryer sheet in the dryer as they add their clean clothes.
Did you know dryer sheets are actually bad for your family and the environment? Many dryer sheets are packed with known carcinogenics such as benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, chloroform and linalool. Not only are dryer
sheets made with toxic chemicals that are bad news for you, but they are also bad for your clothes and your dryer. The waxy component of the dryer sheet can build up on your lint screen and make your dryer less effective
over time.
A few ladies in the Sublime Media Connection had the pleasure of trying a great all natural product called Woolzies Dryer Balls, which are a great alternative to dryer sheets. They are guaranteed to last for 1000 loads of laundry, they are made with Wool, they soften fabrics reducing the need for fabric softener, and they reduce static. Sounds pretty great right? This
makes them even better… they reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes in a dryer by about 25%!!!
You won’t want to miss the reviews from the ladies of the Sublime Media Connection! Click on the links to the reviewing blogs to find out what the lovely ladies thought of this unique product.
Saving For My Family

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If you feel lucky enter to win a set of  Woolzies in this giveaway with 3 winners! This giveaway begins on 5/24 and ends on 6/7.

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