What do you do with stinky teenagers?


Last month I had to have someone come and check my roof where it was leaking. To do that he had to go upstairs in my house. About 30 minutes before he got here I decided I better check and see what the upstairs looks like. We have one of those homes where the main bedrooms are on the bottom floor and there is a bonus room and an office for us that we turned into a bedroom as our family grew. So, up the stairs to check the bedroom. 

Oh dear. Really? Seriously? I really have got to start going upstairs and checking his bedroom more often. It was pitiful. We don’t allow food and drink out of the kitchen. But he’s a teenager and he’s sneaky. I found 2 cups with lids and lots of snack wrappers.  I found tons of clothes that needed to be washed and lots of dirt on our carpets.  Upstairs now needs a rug cleaning.

I ended up doing a mad dash to make sure that the upstairs looked better then it did when I got there. I got it cleaned and he got fussed at. He’s going to do a better job cleaning and I’m going to do a better job checking.  It’s a big job raising kids. An even bigger one when you are raising teenagers. We have one chance to get it right. We have to do our best at raising our sweet babies! 


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  1. OMG teenagers can be SO gross!! My son’s room is in our finished basement. We felt he deserved a little privacy and it’s turned into more work for me LOL Lots of random checks for contraband!

  2. I so know what you mean here! Ugh, my oldest always leaves surprises in his downstairs room. :/

  3. I have two messy teens here. I’m not sure who is worse my girl or my boy. At least my daughter has her own organization in her mess. I have no idea how.

  4. Sherryl Wilson says:

    It is so true that we can only expect what we are wiling to inspect!