Vonage Mobile app allows you to call your friends from your iPad! @vonage

vonage mobile app


Vonage provided product for this review and giveaway. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by Vonage.

It tripped me out. I called my friend, didn’t get her, but spoke to her husband from my iPad. I loved that. The call quality was crystal clear and I had no trouble hearing him nor of him hearing me. We had a nice conversation and were able to get caught up quickly using this great app. I do not have vonage. But was able to put in my phone number and it found people from my contact list who had either vonage or the vonage mobile app and I was able to call them. This is a free service. So why haven’t you downloaded it already? Go do it now! It works on many other platforms too. 

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So, go to iTunes or Google Play and download the Vonage Mobile app. It’s free…did I mention that already? Then let it go through your contacts and it will show you who you can call for free. If your friends don’t have a phone but do have an iPad you can get your friends to download it and use it to make your phone calls. This would be great for teenagers and tweens.  It has a video chat feature as well. I wasn’t able to test it out as my friends didn’t have that. But these young kids should know exactly what to do and would be able to use the video chat feature easily. You can use mom or dad’s cell phone number as your number and then you can make calls to all your friends who have downloaded the app. So easy! So download the app. Get your friends too as well. Then, follow the Vonage family on twitter @vonage and like them on facebook too. Get all the great updates and latest information on what you can do with this great app. Oh and look for a giveaway sponsored by the Vonage Mobile app that is for a iTunes gift card!

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