How to grow a garden without a green thumb! #miraclegroproject #ad

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If you think gardening is too hard read this post and let me put your mind at ease. Gardening is so easy. You can do it without a lot of space even if necessary. I garden on my back deck as well as in my yard and it’s as simple as deciding what your family likes to eat and planting it. My daughter and I planted lettuce a few weeks back and it’s almost ready to eat. Here she is planting with our Miracle-Gro potting soil. 

and the way our lettuce looks now. 

Container gardening is on the rise. It’s so simple and easy for you to do.

  1. Fill a container with Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil
  2. Make a hole in the soil where your seed will grow.
  3. Cover the hole with soil.
  4. Water and wait.

You want to water at least 2 times a week with good draining soil you might need 3. You can test to see if the soil is too dry by putting your finger in the soil. If it’s dry then it needs to be watered. If it’s wet pass on watering that day. Here’s a great video with pointers for you.

 You can check out The Gro Project or even fun garden projects for ideas on how to grow a garden. Make sure you follow Miracle Gro on Pinterest to see join a community of people who garden and help others do the same.



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