Fit Friday…what the heck happened here? #mygallbladdersymptoms

Well I was supposed to have all these stats and show you the wonderful normal food I’m eating. Here’s what happened. Saturday my son had his gymnastics event and we all went to it. I have been having bad heartburn and eating very little that would give me heartburn. I was taking tums once an hour at this point and it wasn’t getting any better.  My son got his trophy and I came home hurting. I ate some crackers trying to get the pain to go away. Nothing worked. About 8pm I began getting sick to my stomach. I, ahem, tossed said cookies off and on until after 2 am. After a fitful nights sleeping I got up and it seemed that some of the heart burn had lessened. I drank some milk and ate some more crackers. My back was hurting by now and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting, laying or standing. It was so weird. The weirdest stomach virus I had ever had.

About 10 am my hubby was tinkering in the garage and I went to him and said you have to take me to the ER. This is not getting better and I’m feeling overall like crap. I have catastrophic insurance only so if I’m asking to be taken to the dr you know I am seriously in pain. He puts his tools away and gets dressed and drives me there.  The entire way there I’m thinking just take me home. I’ll be ok. But I never voiced it. I second guessed myself thinking they are going to tell me you have heartburn go home. 

They checked me in and took me to a room. They made sure I wasn’t having a heart attack and then said it was more then likely my gall bladder but that they would do an ultrasound to make sure.  I had the ultrasound and the technician wouldn’t tell me anything. She told me the dr would be in to see me soon. The nurses came back and gave me meds for the pain and made me as comfortable as they could…without a pillow. There was no pillow in this room so I used a rolled up towel. The doctor came back within the hour and said what I have is a badly inflamed and infected gall bladder and it has to come out today before it ruptures. “Uh, what? No, I have heartburn. Treat me and send me home.” No go he said. I have to admit I was relieved that I would be getting some relief and they would be getting something out of me that has been causing me heartburn for a long time.  I went to the ER at 10, had surgery at 1 and was home by 3:30. It was a whirlwind. I must say the recovery room nurses yelled at me so hard to get me to wake up. I think they gave me PTSD. haha. It was traumatizing to be coming round from surgery and be yelled at repeatedly. They must have been ready to go home. 🙂 

So, I have a follow up appointment coming up in another week or so to see when I can work out. I know they do not want me doing anything until that appointment and to be honest I do not want to do anything right now. I drove my kids to school for the first time this week today and had to come home and take a nap. I managed to only take one pain pill yesterday and haven’t had any today. So we will follow doctors orders and see what they say when I go back in. I have lost a total of 8 pounds over the last two weeks so I was making progress. I’ll keep you guys in the loop as to when I get to working out again and how it goes! 

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  1. Oh I had the same symptoms during my 1st pregnancy with my eldest. It 1st happened during my 1st trimester and I thought I was having gastritis (I’ve had it since highschool) and every night, I would twist and turn because of the pain and then try to vomit because it somehow relieves the pain for a while. Then on my I was on my 2nd trimester when I was diagnosed to have gallstones and there were at least 7 big stones in my gallbladder. My doctor said it was due to pregnancy. Since he cannot operate on me (laparoscopically) because I was on my 2nd trimester, and I kept on being admitted to the hospital for pain meds because of the pain, they put a tube directly on the gallbladder and imagine having a big tummy with a tube sticking out just below my breast to drain out the bile because my gallbladder was already impacted and bile was building up inside it. So up to my 3rd trimester, I had a tube sticking out of my tummy and bile was draining to a container outside. I had to change it and everytime I move or stretch, I can feel the tube. Finally, after a month of giving birth (I had a C-section), the doctor tried to remove my gallbladder laparoscopically but then, a stone got lodged in my common bile duct so he had to cut a bit more and open me up to get it. Oh I can’t and would not forget my pregnancy with my 1st born. (Sorry about the long story)

    1. good grief! that is horrible! I know how bad I felt and I wasn’t pregnant and you had to finish the pregnancy! So sorry!!! Glad you are ok and so is your little one.

  2. Oh, Dina! I am SO glad you are ok! I didn’t realize quite the whirlwind it was until reading this. I am GLAD you went to the hospital when you did!

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