Beautiful wide brimmed hats for you for summer!

The Hat Club Outing Photo credit to Bill Hartmann

Luxury Lane is the source for elegant women’s wide-brimmed hats. Hats with wide brims are excellent for those bright and warm days spent in the garden, on picnics and at festivals. So dainty, such hats celebrate femininity and keep the sun off the sensitive facial skin. Looking great on any woman, floppy and otherwise wide-brimmed hats are fashionable for spring and summer. Lovely Fashion Sun-Shielding Hats Floppy sun hats are made from straw or paper fibers and they are dyed in a variety of colors to enhance different outfits in the summer wardrobe. Common colors are pastels, white, black and neutrals like brown or cream. Owning more than one for those balmy days out in the sun, women can shield their faces from harmful UV rays and look fashionable for the season. Wide-brimmed and floppy straw hats are attractive and timeless fashion accessories for a variety of different summer outfits. Looking fabulous with summer dresses, the hats also dress up jeans and a T-shirt. Matching bag and shoes looks great with such a hat, but the hat can also stand alone in a color that coordinates or contrasts with the outfit. Pleasant Shopping for Fashion Hats Luxury Lane provides a pleasant shopping experience and a wide-range of floppy summer hat styles for women. Styles offer hats decorated with stripes, bows, ribbons and faux flowers. When looking for quality summer hats that will enhance a seasonal wardrobe, find perfect floppy sun hats at

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