Underwear? Where for art thou underwear? Rewind

I hate shopping. (I know someone should revoke my girl card. Next time I go shopping I’ll just turn it in at the register, I swear.) I hate shopping for underwear even more. Heading out to find new underwear that I love was my mission. Horribly, I failed.

I now have 8 pair of underwear that I hate. I HATE SHOPPING FOR UNDERWEAR! You go in fairly confident that you will be able to get it and get it back home quickly. I go looking, not for Victoria’s Secret…no, I just run to Target. I know my favorite brand and I found them quickly. Found my size…yay. Hurry and put them in my buggy. Get them home and I hate the style. Curse you! Did I find out before I opened both packages and washed them. Nope. I was so cocky. Thinking I had finally beat the underwear shopping into submission I shook my fist in the air and let out a primal scream. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But, yes. I admit I failed. Now I have 8 pairs of underwear that I will make myself wear for the next year. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

Do you have a favorite underwear shopping experience? Share it with me. Please don’t share if all you have to say is “I bought the right size, style, and love them.” Nobody likes a know it all!


7 Replies to “Underwear? Where for art thou underwear? Rewind”

  1. Hmmm…. I’m not a fan of shopping in general unless I have a gift card that lets me guarantee I’m not going to waste my real money! But I hate even more shopping for things like underwear and swimsuits! All I can say is…. I feel your pain! And we’re too frugal to trash something that doesn’t fit right, because that would be wasteful. oh well…. someday there will be a way to get the right fit the first time!! lol

  2. I’ll admit – definitely not a fan of underwear or bra shopping myself. I have quite a few pair I force myself to wear because wrong style, etc. Exactly why do I want a pair of underwear in a boy cut? I don’t get it…and don’t get me started y on the super skimpy for everyday wear…sigh…sigh…and more sighs

  3. i hate shopping!!! but really dont mind underwaer shopping lol i do have a story since i was 16 i have ONLY worn VS underwear and after having my son we were a little low on money and I needed some badly my husband said wait 2 weeks and we will go to VS and i talked him out of due to money issues so i went to target and got some size M and my husband asked me “are you sure you are happy and they fit?” i said “yes honey i know my size and they are just undies no one see them except me and you” well i looked at hanger size SM but they were M 🙁 i was so embarressed i just wore them until we found the VS outlet in San Diego lol. then those underwears suddenly disappered lol

  4. I have good and bad days when it comes to shopping. When I was younger, I would just go to the store and buy everything before trying it on. I ended up with so many things that I had to take back because they didn’t fit right. I’ve definitely learned my lesson (a few times over) and now, I try everything on before I buy.

  5. I agree with you about underwear shopping but what I hate the most is bathing suit shopping…what do they do to the mirrors in the fitting rooms that make us look so awful?

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