Practice Water Conservation it’s our greatest resource!

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10 Ways to Face Environmental Issues One Drop of Water at a Time


Saving the world is an overwhelming predicament. I recently read an article discussing human nature, well, to be more precise our human condition. The biologist in the article said some pretty confronting and thought provoking things. To quote:

“Environmental problems are promoted everywhere as the great ‘Save the World’ issue, but the truth is we have only been focusing on the symptoms of the devastation of our world and the disintegration of society that is happening everywhere we look, not the cause, which is us humans–our egocentric, competitive, selfish and aggressive behaviour. And the deeper truth is, to change that behaviour and, by so doing, truly save the world, we needed to find the reconciling, redeeming and thus rehabilitating biological explanation of our seemingly-highly-imperfect so-called human condition! ‘As the author (Sydney Morning Herald journalist) Richard Neville so accurately summarised our species’ plight: ‘we humans are locked in a race between self destruction and self discovery’.”


This is pretty full on is it not?? But how true is it at the same time, we humans are without doubt killing this planet, but why is that? While we ponder this, I suggest we start with a fool proof, 100% positive and easy way of helping at least in some small way to make a real difference to the future of the planet, starting with a very important place, your home.


Water in my opinion will soon become the most precious resource on the planet (if it isn’t already), especially if the population numbers continue to soar, as they currently are. The best thing about saving water is that if you start with one drop of water, it will soon become a trickle, a gush, until you may have saved half a city’s water supply! If you make some simple changes to the way you live, you will see a positive impact to one of the most important environmental issues plaguing our planet. Once you start down this road of being part of the solution and not the problem anymore, your family, friends, and community will see the change in you. The motivation that starts in you can inspire others to also make a change for the better personally and for our planet.


Do your best to apply these 10 water saving tips that you can start at home and in your community.


1. Check for leaks in pipes, dishwasher hoses and taps

You can reduce water wastage by checking and stopping leaks in taps and appliances that use water. A leaking tap can waste over 2,000 liters of water a month, and it can also cost you hundreds of dollars in your water bill.


2. Buy water-efficient appliances

Opt for a dishwasher with 3-star rating that requires 18 liters of water per load instead of the usual 40 liters in most automatic dishwashers. You can also consider installing showerheads with triple “A” rating that can provide you with a great shower and save you about 10 liters of water per minute.


3. Install a rainwater tank

A typical rainwater tank can collect thousand of liters each year, particularly when you live in an area with frequent rains. You can use rainwater to flush your toilet, water your plants and clean the car.


4. Practice water-conserving methods of growing your plants

Use a sprinkler instead of a hose in watering plants. A drip irrigation system will also reduce wastage because water only goes to areas where it is needed. In addition, you might want to consider growing drought-tolerant plants that can continue to grow without too much use of water.


5. Apply effective methods in saving pool water

Avoid overfilling pool water, so the skimmer will not end up working inefficiently or wasting water. You should also use a pool cover that will prevent evaporation of water at a quick rate.


6. Clean your backyard without using a hose

Never use a hose in cleaning your patio, driveway, and garage. Instead, use a rake, vacuum, or broom to tidy up these areas while saving water.


7. Install water-saving mechanisms in your toilet

A multi-flush or dual-flush device allows you to minimize the amount of water that is wasted. You can choose the button that releases the water level for flushing down solid or liquid wastes.


8. Turn off the tap when washing your face or brushing your teeth

You waste 9 liters of water for every minute that you leave the tap on when not in use. Consider using a mug when brushing your teeth or a basin when rinsing your face, so you do not end up wasting water.


9. Use the washing machine and dishwasher for a full load

If you only have a few dishes to clean, wash these under the sink instead of using the dishwasher. You can save water and energy by applying this practical tip. In the same way, use the washing machine when you can put on a full load.


10. Add mulch on your garden

Mulch helps the soil retain moisture, so there is no need to water the plants frequently. This is a smart way to keep your plants healthy, save time and effort in watering, and prevent wastage of water.


Carry out these tips and you too can participate in making the world a better place for this generation and the next. I encourage others to pitch in to the essential task of saving the world while it’s not too late.



Author Bio

Florence is an environmental enthusiast from way back, she takes great pride in looking after the planet and trying to make it a better place even if it is only in her small personal way. She has recently come across the work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement and has found it particularly interesting. 


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  1. Saving our resources should be a primary concern. Our kids need a safe world and we re the ones that need to provide it. Save water, stop pollution, respect the earth.

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