5 Go To Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids!

birthday gifts for kids

Confused about what to purchase as birthday gifts for kids?

I don’t know about you but as a mom I am constantly getting invitations for other children’s birthday parties. I struggle with what to get different kids. Well I polled other moms and came up with 5 gifts for kids you can not go wrong with. I love the picture above. It’s one of my girl’s best friends and we had given her some cash for her birthday. She’s so cute and sassy in this picture holding her cash. 

Here’s 5 gifts for kids that you know they will want and enjoy!

1. Number one gift for the age 8 and up set is always cash. They love to get it. It’s easy to give and they get to go pick out exactly what they want.  Gift cards to their favorite store are another great way to go. My girl would be so happy at the age of 7 to get a gift card to Justice or Target. She loves to shop and would enjoy picking out her own clothes and accessories.

2. Personalized gifts are a hit. Most adults I know love to give personalized gifts for kids.  I had my son a towel personalized with his name. You can get books that talk about your child, personalized shirts,  journals, jackets, bedding, pictures etc. These are always a big hit with moms and kids!

3. Movie tickets, books or cd’s make my kids day. They feel so grown up when they get to pay for their own ticket. Plus they get a much needed treat at a movie theater something we don’t get to do very often. They love to be able to listen to their own music when we are in the car or they’re in their room. I have a lot of readers at my house. We are surrounded by books and all three of them love to read.

4. Craft activity kits are another item you can not go wrong with. My children when they were younger lived at the kitchen table  making things. We’ve done the loom and weaved pot holders, made sand or moon dough, play dough, painting, paint by numbers, etc. They love getting dirty and making a mess. In their language it is nothing but F.U.N.

5. Toys are always a hit. You can ask the parent what they are into and just run to the local department store and pick it up.  With boys you can get legos, transformers, knex, biking stuff, balls (4 square, basketball, baseball) and so much more. Girls love so many different things. My girl would love a diary, make up, fingernail polish, princess items, baby dolls, biking equipment and so much more. 

Make birthdays less stressful and get gifts for kids that you know they want.

Birthday parties are fun to go to and shouldn’t cause you any worry.  When you get gifts for kids get what they will love. With this list any gift on here would be a great idea and well received by the party girl. Looking for fun boy party cake ideas? Check out 112 birthday cakes for boys! Just remember it’s making memories for the birthday child and they will just be happy that your child came! 

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  1. Thank you for the ideas – I was invited to my niece’s 13th birthday party and I think I will buy her a movie gift card instead of just giving her a check.

  2. thanks for the ideas!! it is so hard to buy the the 12 year old cousin!! and she is the younst gradn daughter so she has everything lol

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