3 Things to boost your retirement savings today.


Saving money by doing these 3 things to boost your retirement savings.

I made it a point to learn how to do these 3 things to boost your retirement savings today! I have to admit that learning about saving money has been something I’ve done the last 20 years of my life. Because I’ve done that our retirement savings are pretty decent. I have a simple love of learning that extends to all areas of my life that I do not understand and need to understand better. That meant I did a lot of research in my twenties on what to save and how.

Here’s 3 things to boost your retirement savings today. 

1. Take advantage of the company match. If your company matches a certain amount you need to make sure that you are at that matching point. That way you are putting in half the amount of money and your company is matching the other half. When you are invested make sure you are invested in the VanGuard funds. They have some of the lowest fees in the mutual fund industry. They have been around a while and are currently still as good an investment today as they were in my 20’s. 

2. If you have a savings advisor make sure they are a fiduciary. Ask them point blank if they have a fiduciary pledge and are they willing to sign one saying that they represent your best interest and no one else’s. This means they are not bank rolled by a particular mutual fund or bank serving their own needs first and yours last.  This is the person you want looking after you and your money. Not someone who stands to make more money off x funds and that will be the one that they sell you. Run far away from a person who refuses to sign a fiduciary pledge.

3. Make your savings automatic. When you make your savings automatic you are increasing the likelihood that you will continue to save. Once your savings is automatic you won’t miss it or even know it’s there. We’ve been on autopilot since our 20’s and it is going to help us as we continue to age. 

Why not do these 3 things to boost your retirement savings?

In this age of many people not being able to retire in their 60’s why wouldn’t you do as much as you can to take care of yourself in the future.  No one wants to have to work past the age of retirement if they don’t have too. It would be great if you can choose to get a part time job not be forced to continue working until many years after you’ve wanted to be able to retire. 


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  1. I am close to retirement age and need to increase my savings. This post was very timely for me. Thank you

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